Woman On A Quad Bike Is Chased By Koala In Australia (Obvs)

The koala bloody chased me tonight! F#$....Shit me self

Posted by Ebony Churchill on Friday, 14 August 2015

A woman herding her cows with a quad bike has been chased by a koala who then attempted to hitch a ride by clinging on to one of the wheels.

Yep, you read it right.

Dairy farmer, Ebony Churchill, posted the bizarre video to Facebook with the caption: "The koala bloody chased me tonight! F#$... Shit me self."

Apparently koalas are actually far from being cute and cuddly, with Churchill telling the Adelaide Advertiser: "He was close but then he started running towards me and I thought I better speed up. But the more I sped up, the faster he got... They've got hard, sharp claws and I didn’t want to have him grabbing at my leg as I was on the bike."

Mashable spoke to a wildlife and conservation biologist, Desley Whisson, who said: "Koalas more generally run from than to people. The woman in this video did the right thing by moving away from the vehicle.

"The best advice I can give to people is to not engage with a koala displaying a weird behaviour. Make sure that there is another object between you and the koala so that it can’t climb you. The claws are nasty."

We'll never look at koalas the same way again...


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