The koala, nicknamed Daphne, is between 3 and 4 years old and "was desperate to get into the Christmas spirit," rescuers said.
As scores of koalas battle to recover from Australia's destructive fires, hopeful stories of survivors are emerging.
The $1,450 vessel was taken from Crowdy Bay National Park in New South Wales.
Harrowing scenes showing fleeing kangaroos, burnt koalas and dead birds have appeared on social media.
A koala that was seen in a viral video being rescued from an Australian bushfire has died. Vets took the decision to put the marsupial down after his burns failed to improve. Named Lewis, the koala was saved from open flames by passerby Toni Doherty. She wrapped the animal in her shirt and a blanket then poured water over him. So far, 350 koalas are currently feared dead from the fires.