ZX Spectrum Vega Retro Games Console Goes On Sale August 24

The World's Most Iconic Games Console Is Back, This Time With Over 1000 Games

The iconic video games console the Sinclair ZX Spectrum is making its triumphant comeback this month with the new and improved ZX Spectrum Vega launching this month on 24th August.

Developed by Sir Clive Sinclair, the 80's classic was re-launched via an Indiegogo campaign that raised over £150k. Off the back of this success SMS Electronics have agreed to build the new console at its Nottinghamshire factory.

While the original Spectrum featured a stand-alone console, technology has come quite a way so the entire processing power of the Spectrum now fits inside a new controller which was incidentally designed by the console's original creator Chris Smith.

The Sinclair Spectrum Vega will come with over 1,000 games pre-installed including some classics that were announced for the Xbox One title Rare Replay.

For those that want something else though there's a MicroSD card slot which will allow hardcore retro fans to hunt down their own favourites and play them via the console.

The Spectrum will even allow the truly devoted to create their own games for the Spectrum Vega and then play them straight through the controller.

While the iconic keyboard is nowhere to be seen, a virtual keyboard has been included so you don't feel as though the retro experience is completely lost.

Going back in time isn't cheap though, the Spectrum Vega will set you back £99.99 - a small price to pay when you divide that by the 1000 pieces of nostalgia you'll be playing though.


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