Birthday Cake For 'Wee Blonde Girl' Turns Up With Blind Girl On Top Thanks To Autocorrect Fail

Autocorrect Fail Puts 'Wee Blind Girl' on 21st Birthday Cake

One mother recently discovered the major downside of autocorrect after receiving a handmade birthday cake for her 21-year-old daughter with a young, blind girl on the top.

The cake blunder occurred after Marie Seggie, 52, from Lanarkshire sent off her request for the birthday cake on her iPhone. But didn't give the message a once over before she hit send.

Seggie sent the last minute text message to her baker friend Moira, to request a "wee blonde girl" addition.

Little did she know she'd be met with a "wee blind girl" instead.

After the major blunder, Seggie's youngest daughter Emily posted a photo of the cake on Twitter - of course, it went viral.

"It was one of my mum's friends that made the cake for Laura," Emily told the Telegraph. "At the last minute, mum texted her and asked her to put a wee blond figure on top.

"When we got the cake on Friday, mum called us in and asked us if we could see anything wrong with it."

She added that the family was confused at first, but soon realised the major error.

Her mother then explained what had happened with autocorrect and they were all left in stitches.

"We were going to take it off the top because we weren't sure if it would be seen as offensive but decided to keep it in the end. We all just laughed about it," said Emily.

After the event unfolded, Marie Seggie took to Facebook to thank her pal for the cake: "Well Moira you excelled this time. Hopefully next time I ask for a 'wee blonde girl' on Laura's cake my iPhone won't autocorrect to 'wee blind girl'.

"I must say it has given everyone such a laugh especially the 'white stick'. Thank you so much the cake was delicious and hilarious."

We reckon young Laura won't forget her 21st birthday in a hurry.

Laura Seggie