Frankie Bridge Voices Support For David Beckham As She's Also Faced Criticism For Letting Her Child Use Dummies

Frankie Bridge has supported David Beckham's stance on the dummy debate as she too has received critical comments over photos of her 21-month-old son using a dummy.

Bridge, who gave birth to her second son Carter on 15 August, said she knew Beckham would get stick for the photo as soon as she saw it.

"If I ever put a picture of Parker up on Instagram with him using a dummy, there's always someone who comments on the fact he has one," the mum-of-two wrote in her OK! column.

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She added: "David said no one has the right to criticise him as a parent and I think he's right. It's their fourth child, so they know what they're doing."

Siobhan Freegard, founder of video parenting network Channel Mum told HuffPost UK Parents: "Every child is different, and every child’s reason for using a dummy is different. If Harper wants to hang onto her dummy for a short while after toddlerhood, where’s the harm?"

HuffPost UK blogger Zion Lights, who is author of Green Parenting agreed.

She said: "David is absolutely right to defend his parenting. It's no one else's place to comment. People are far too quick to judge parents, who are usually just trying to do their best. We know our children: strangers do not."

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