19/08/2015 09:40 BST | Updated 19/08/2015 09:59 BST

Amy Winehouse Filmmakers Dispute Mitch Winehouse's Claims: ‘She Was Never Engaged To Reg Traviss'

The team behind the recently-released Amy Winehouse documentary have spoken out following Mitch Winehouse’s persistent claims that the film does not accurately portray the final years of his daughter’s life.

Editor Chris King worked with Asif Kapadia on the film, and he has now stated that Amy’s relationship with Reg Traviss was not as serious as Mitch claims.

Amy and Mitch Winehouse

While Amy’s dad has frequently stated that the star was planning to marry Reg, Chris disputes this.

“Everyone said they were a nice couple and they got on, but she had a number of other relationships,” he tells The Sun. “We don’t know she was actually engaged. I don’t think we ever found any evidence of that.”

Chris, Asif and the rest of the team spent two years researching, and interviewing Amy’s friends and family.

Producer James Gay-Rees backs up Chris’s claim, adding: “Mitch and Reg might disagree with this, but there’s not a lot happening in those last couple of years.

“It was quite an inert period.”

Amy and Reg

Their comments come just days after Mitch’s most recent interview, in which he claimed the star “thought she was pregnant at some stage” before her death.

Speaking on Aussie TV, Mitch said: “She was with Reg, they were going to get married.”

The former London taxi driver is now believed to be planning his own film about Amy’s life, with the help of Reg.

Despite the Winehouse family’s criticism of ‘Amy’, the documentary has been a huge success at the box office, grossing £3.44 million in the UK, surpassing Asif’s ‘Senna’, which took £3.17 million.

‘Amy’ is now the second most successful documentary ever, in terms of UK box office figures, and is beaten only by the 2004 film ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’.

The film's producer James has applauded the film’s success, stating: "It feels like the country has fallen in love with her all over again and it is hugely satisfying to have helped create a more rounded picture of someone who was so massively misunderstood when she was here.

“It was a massive honour to have been given the chance to tell her story."

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