Brits Majorly Confused By STIs: 15% Believe Syphilis Is A Heavy Metal Band And Two Thirds Think 'All STIs Can Be Cured'

STI Confusion: 15% Of Brits Believe Syphilis Is A Heavy Metal Band

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, some Brits haven't got a Scooby Doo - and here's the proof.

A new survey of more than 2,000 people found that 15% thought syphilis was the name of a heavy metal band and 46% believed shaving off all pubic hair could get rid of crabs.

The study revealed that the average Brit is well and truly baffled when it comes to identifying the name, symptoms and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases.

Over a third of respondents (36%) revealed they'd never had an STI test and the average age of those who had never had a test emerged as 43.

Meanwhile nearly a fifth of those polled believed condoms could guarantee 100% protection against all STIs, which of course isn't true.

The survey, conducted on behalf of MedExpress, asked 2,372 adults aged between 18 and 65, about how sexually active they were as well as a series of questions surrounding STIs.

Over two thirds (68%) of those polled said their knowledge of sexually transmitted infections was "basic at best".

Participants were then asked if they would know what kind of symptoms to look out for regarding STIs. The majority (62%) stated they'd know a few obvious symptoms but 21% admitted they'd have no idea about what symptoms to look out for.

Those surveyed were given a list of 20 words comprising the names of genuine STIs, made-up infections and random words. Each word had a multiple choice of four potential answers connected to it, of which one was the correct answer.

The study found that 5% of respondents believed gonorrhoea to be a form of diarrhoea. Meanwhile 39% thought that trichomoniasis is a disease only plants and trees can develop.

Furthermore, almost one in 10 participants (9%) confused chlamydia with the flower Camellia and 68% of respondents believed the statement "all STIs can be cured" to be true, which is incorrect.

Finally, more than half of those polled believed an STI could be caught from the toilet seat and 31% of respondents incorrectly thought you could only catch an STI from full sexual intercourse.

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