Chris Eubank Makes Alan Partridge Dream Of 'Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank' A Reality!

Alan Partridge's fans will never forget the sight of his breakdown which marked the end of his fruitful working life at the BBC - when he desperately pitched one idea after another to an unblinking BBC executive.

WATCH Chris Eubank in stunning action above...

"Monkey tennis" was one such prospect, "youth hostelling with Chris Eubank" was another, but they fell on the deaf, unrelenting ears of BBC boss Tony Hayers (David Schneider), and Alan Partridge (aka Steve Coogan at his raw-eyed best) was escorted from Television Centre and destined for a life on digital radio in Norwich.

Well, one of those pipedreams has now finally come true - 'Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank' has, more than a decade later, become a reality!

Watch the monocled wonder, Christopher Livingstone Eubanks, the official lord of the manor of Brighton, in action above - learning things he never thought to enquire about in the world of hostels, and bestowing his unique wisdom in return.


Now for monkey tennis, surely?

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