Someone's Actually Invented An App Called Pooductive That Allows You To Connect With Other People On The Loo

There's An App Called Pooductive For Chatting To Other People On The Loo

We're back with yet more evidence to prove there really is an app for everything...

Pooductive let's you chat with people who are also on the loo.

Yes, really.

The app allows you to select a pooing partner (not what they're actually called in the app) by radius, so you could find someone next door, or on the other side of the world.

The creators say: "Pooductive is an iOS and Android app which lets you chat and play games anonymously with local and global strangers who are also taking a poop, somewhere across the world, at the same time as you.

"The overwhelming, unbearable, alienating boredom that we are all confronted with once a day (more or less) is an experience that each one of us can identify with. The fact that there is only little to do whilst tending to 'number two' is common knowledge, and truly a first world problem."

While the creators pooductivity (excuse the pun) is truly admirable, the app sadly didn't go down well on Kickstarter, where the campaign was cancelled after collecting just £130 of the £7000 target.

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