Russell Brand's 'The Trews' Ends As Comedian Takes Break From All Social Media

The comedian turned political activist, Russell Brand, has just recorded the final episode of his popular YouTube channel, The Trews.

In his 366th episode, the 40-year-old told his told his 1.1million YouTube subscribers that has to "go away and learn some stuff", leaving his fans with hope that he will return at a later date.

Brand said: "It feels to me like a spiraling sort avalanche and I want to spend some time learning, understanding, developing, living a life outside of a crazy kind of discourse.

"So I'm not going to be doing the Trews. I'm not going to be on Twitter or Facebook I'm going to be learning because I know real change is coming and I want to be part of that."

He spoke of the worldwide appeal the Trews has and the discussions that have been evoked since the channel was launched in February 2014.

He continued: "We are part of a conversation, we are representing an argument that isn't well represented - can't be by definition represented in mainstream media - and I love that but I can't do it the service that it requires unless I go away and learn some stuff so that when we come back it will be more truthful, more inclusive than ever because we are going to need it because the world is going mental and more than ever people need to come together."

Brand, rather aptly, summed up his time on the YouTube channel.

He said: "We started with a bad pun, we ruined the General Election, we antagonised Fox News, we brought about change, we brought new conversations to the table but we will be ending on a bad pun.

"Trew be continued."