Tianjin Explosion: Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Up On River Banks In Wake Of Blast In Chinese Port City

The Poisonous Aftermath Of The Tianjin Explosion Might Be Beginning To Show

Photos apparently showing thousands of dead fish washed up on the shores of a river near the Tianjin blast zone have emerged online.

Several pictures were shared on Twitter raising speculation that hazardous chemicals from the explosion may have contaminated the waters in the surrounding areas.

China Daily reported that Deng Xiaowen, a senior official at Tianjin Environmental Protection, said the area has been subject to regular monitoring, and that so far they hadn't detected any abnormalities.

However, researchers have detected 'some cyanide compounds', and although Xiaowen said the levels were in a normal range, it has been reported that the concentration has been 365 times the national standards.

The Tianjin disaster occurred on 12 August at the port city, 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of Beijing, claiming the lives of at least 104 people, with the death toll still rising.

Chinese authorities have since ordered everyone within three kilometres of the exploding warehouse full of hazardous chemicals, to evacuate the area.

The true extent of the explosion was revealed in a series of apocalyptic images showing the scorched crater left behind.


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