BBC Announces End Of Weather Forecasts By Met Office After Nearly A Century - How Many Can You Name?

It's Bye Bye Met Office Weather Presenters... How Many Can You Name?

The Met Office has been providing weather forecasts for the BBC for nearly a century, but it looks like that's all about to change, with the BBC announcing the contract will be going elsewhere after 2016.

The BBC Weather Presenters have been guiding us through the meteorological maze that is Britain's forecast for the last 60 years, since 1954 when the first in-vision broadcast included a map drawn by hand.

But the relationship goes back much further, with the first contract being signed in 1927.

Although the department is now part of BBC News, almost all of the weather presenters are, in fact, employed by the Met Office - which could mean a significant changing of the guard on our screens in a couple of years.

Despite his hiccup in 1987 when he told millions of viewers not to worry about an impending storm, Michael Fish remains the BBC's longest-serving weather presenter, with 34 years of sticking a cloud on a board, and telling us what those moving contours actually mean.

Every day we watch them, we listen to them, we plan what we're going to wear, what we're going to do, according to what they say, but how many of them can you actually name?

Can you name this BBC Weather Presenter? Answers at the end.

BBC Weather Presenters Past And Present


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