Michael Fish

Nowadays, we have instant access to weather forecasts online and through our mobile apps as well as continuous updates via social media. It's difficult to imagine going to bed in the evening completely unaware of an imminent hurricane-force storm in the English Channel. But would we really do a better job in 2017 compared to 1987?
Weatherman Michael Fish, who in 1987 failed to predict one of the UK’s most catastrophic cyclones, has said he would love
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Haldane said: “Look at how weather forecasting has changed itself in the period since. Actually there has been a dramatic
Michael Fish has spent decades talking weather to the nation, and now he's willing to debunk some of the most popular myths
The Met Office has been providing weather forecasts for the BBC for nearly a century, but it looks like that's all about
Michael Fish, the iconic weather forecaster who famously failed to forecast there would be a hurricane ahead of the 1987