Mariah Carey Infuriates Fans With Hour-Late Arrival On Stage In Israel, But She's By No Means The Latest Star...

If Mariah Carey prides herself on being branded a diva, she hasn't let herself down with her latest behaviour - leaving her fans in Israel waiting for more than an hour in the sweltering heat before she deigned to appear on stage.

The singer - currently dodging rumours that she is pregnant by her billionaire boyfriend James Packer - took to the stage in Tel Aviv more than an hour behind schedule, prompting jeers and whistles from the infuriated crowd, one onlooker told Haaretz.com.

Mariah Carey - as luscious as ever, but distinctly late

However, Mariah is hardly the first star to show a singular lack of punctuality when it comes to turning up on stage. Check out these astonishingly casual stage latecomers…

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