Model Agnes Hedengård Hits Back At Agencies Who Told Her She's 'Too Big' For The Fashion Industry

This 19-Year-Old Was Told She Was 'Too Big' To Be A Model

With the rise of plus size fashion, you'd be forgiven for thinking the fashion industry had finally stopped putting pressure on young women to lose weight.

But model Agnes Hedengård has proved we still have a long way to go before health is the top priority on the catwalk.

The 19-year-old, from Sweden, posted a video online describing all the times agencies have told her she is "too big" for them to work with.

Hedengård has worked as a model for the past five years now, but recently no one wants to hire her.

"They think this, is too big," she says, gesturing to her figure as she stands in front of the camera in her underwear.

"They think my butt is too big and they think my hips are too wide. According to the modelling industry, you cannot look like this, you need to be thinner."

She says she has been in contact with big agencies who previously said they wanted to work with her, but as soon as these agencies received her current measurements, it was "a whole other story".

Representatives from these agencies have told the model she needs to "get in better shape" if she wants to be successful.

"The funny part of this," Hedengård says sarcastically. "Is that my body mass index is 17.5...but they still tell me that I am too big."

According to the NHS, having a BMI below 18.5 as an adult means you may be underweight. The BMI range considered "healthy" is anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9.

Thankfully, Hedengård is refusing to let the comments of modelling agencies get her down.

Instead, she decided to put her energy into making the video in order to expose the fact that the modelling world is still putting pressure on young women to lose weight.

"It's absurd and I hate it," she says. "But love yourself and don't let anyone tell you any different."

Check out Agnes Hedengård's original video on YouTube here, or follow her on Instagram for more updates.

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