Spider Writes 'LOL' In Its Web

Heather Arite

This certainly brings a new meaning to "the web".

Heather Ar’ite captured the above picture showing the incredible feat of web-spinning, although she doesn't say what the spider was laughing out loud about.

"It’s been a rough couple of weeks at the Ar’ite homestead. Water pipe explosion, our shower/bath stopped working for a week," Heather said.

"This week, our Jeep went up in smoke and our Hyundai’s steering went out. Defeated and exhausted we retreated up our front stairs. I muttered, “Why, Universe… WHY????!” And then I looked to the right of our front door and saw THIS written in a spider web…."

Maybe the eight legged creature was laughing at her misfortune, or maybe he was just leaving a little message to cheer her up after all that heartache.

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