Stunning Ferrofluid Clock Uses Electromagnets To Transform Time Into A Digital Art Display

Dutch designer Zelf Koelman has somehow managed to turn a clock into a stunning art display that shows off the brilliance of electromagnets.

Instead of the traditional cogs and mechanical parts clocks often require to function, Koelman uses electromagnets and Ferrofluid -- magnetic particles suspended in water or another organic solvent.

The result is utterly fascinating to watch.

On his site, Koelman writes: "A few years ago I fell in love with the magical characteristics of a little black “blob” in a bottle. One could manipulate the position and shape of a floating drop of Ferro Fluid with a magnet."

The shape of the Ferrofluid is determined by wherever the electromagnetism is the strongest.

Koelman is quite vague about how the clock maintains its accuracy. His website states:

"The software behind these electromagnets, and thus the shapes and information displayed, can be edited. Ferrolic is controlled by an intelligent internal system that is accessible trough a web-browser."

If you are looking to get your hands on a Ferrofluid clock, we have some disappointing news.

The dutchman is only making 24 and each costs around £5,000.

But it seems to be a fair price given that you could be paying for timeless classic.

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