When Is It Appropriate To Ask A Woman If She's Pregnant? Pretty Much Never, Actually


If you've ever made the major social blunder of asking someone if they're pregnant and were answered with a short and sharp "no", you definitely need to watch this.

A YouTuber has filmed herself talking (rather sarcastically) about the circumstances when it's okay to ask a woman if she's pregnant.

The blogger says she has been asked if she's expecting before, despite not actually being pregnant.

"I tend to carry extra weight in my belly, I also really tore my core up with pregnancy," she says, "and I eat Indian food and a lot of rice, and drink a lot of water."

"There are only two scenarios where it's appropriate to ask a woman," says Carrie, "so it doesn't matter if you're really sure or kind of sure or you really want her to be pregnant."

The first scenario is... Wait for it... If the woman in question tells you she's pregnant.

"Because if she wants you to know, she'll tell you," says Carrie. "The end."

The second scenario, says the blogger, is if you're in a hospital, car, ambulance or park and you literally see "the baby crowning in the woman's vagina".

"If you see actual head action with little, fuzzy newborn hair coming out of the vagina - that's an appropriate time," she adds.

And there's even a third scenario, if you witness a woman's caesarean "in real-time".

At the end of the video, Carrie has an important message: "Women's bodies are not your business.

"Reproduction, having the babies, making the babies, growing the babies, any of it. If a woman wants you to know, she'll tell you.

"In the meantime, be a good human, don't ask. Assume the woman either wants privacy, or that's she's not losing the weight the way she thought she would, or has muscle damage from previous pregnancies, or something else."

"So, that's it, don't ask," she adds.

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