Lee Nelson Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From Edinburgh Festival Stage Invader

Serial stage invader Lee Nelson has been given a taste of his own medicine, during an Edinburgh festival gig.

The Wee Man, a character played by comedian Neil Bratchpiece, decided that enough was enough this week, and jumped on-stage during one of Lee’s Pleasance Courtyard stand-up sets.

Appearing on the side of stage, The Wee Man told Lee: "I'm a big fan of yours as you know, but I do not approve of promoting negative stereotypes of Scottish people."

Lee saw the funny side, commenting "I can't talk about stage invasion can I..." before handing over the mic to the Scot.

Yeezus did not approve

Prankster Lee has made impromptu - and unwelcome - appearances on a number of stages in his time, and so far this year, he’s pulled off two huge stunts, interrupting Kanye West’s Glastonbury set, and stopping a Sepp Blatter press conference.

As he addressed the audience during Lee’s gig, The Wee Man cheekily plugged his own Edinburgh show, before adding: “This one’s for Kanye, my boy Yeezus. This one’s for Sepp Blatter.”

Nicely done.

Watch the stunt in the video above…

Lee Nelson gets restrained in Oxford Street

Lee Nelson gets restrained in Oxford Street

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