Alexa Chung Nails How To Dress For Swinter

Alexa Chung - she who "woke up like this", queen of the effortlessly chic, style icon who managed to launch a thousand sold-out Topshop dresses.

The model just can't seem to put a fashion foot wrong - and obviously when she was spotted out and about in New York yesterday we instantly wanted everything she was wearing.

Not only was she rocking every 90s trend worthy of revival, all at the same time (strappy floral maxi, classic Converse and sweater tied round the waist), but because her get-up is the perfect example of how to dress for 'Swinter'.

Swinter = summer + winter. Or, put simply, when the weather just can't seem to make up its mind about what season we're in.

You don't have to say goodbye to your warm-weather dresses just yet thanks to Chung's handy jumper trick.

Plus Converse are a great way to transition from sandals to boots (we're just not ready for the thick socks just yet).

Take that, unreliable iPhone weather app.

September 2006

Alexa Chung's Style Evolution