Sex Toy Behind Smiling Friends Sends An Otherwise Innocent Picture Into Overdrive

At first sight, it looks like any other pleasant picture of two friends, not unlike the thousands of similar images uploaded to Facebook every day.

Two girls, perhaps on a night out or at a house party, beam happily at the camera in front of a poster of a cute tiger cub.

The image has gone viral, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

Ah! Lovely pic. Are you ready for the rest?


For a closer look reveals an oversized double-ended sex toy dangling casually from a coat hook above the girls' heads.

Amidst remarks about the "friendship noodle" and offers to "give those girls a hand", some eagle-eyed Imgurians are already calling "repost" and even branding the image a fake, so we've pixellated the happy-looking protagonists.

But regardless of the authenticity of the picture - it tickled us. Hard.

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