Twin Strangers: Woman Comes Face To Face With Her Online Doppelgänger And It's So Spooky

These Women Aren't Related But They Are Spooky 'Twin Strangers'

Rub your eyes all you want - these two women are in no way related, but they look so similar they could be twins.

The pair met through a site called, where people can find their doppelgängers simply by uploading a profile (similar to a dating website) and selecting the type of features they have - for example: face shape, eye shape and nose type.

Ambra, 23, lives in North Carolina. Meanwhile her lookalike Jennifer is 33 and from Texas.

According to Jennifer, they were matched on Twin Strangers within five minutes of the 33-year-old joining the site.

The site works by finding almost identical lookalikes anywhere in the world. It was set up by Niamh Geaney, 26, who made headlines earlier this year after she found her own near-identical stranger online.

Twin Strangers has now uploaded a touching video of the moment Ambra and Jennifer met. The 23-year-old from North Carolina flew all the way to Texas to meet her lookalike Jennifer, who is a decade older.

Ambra said the experience was a little nerve wracking, before adding: "When I met her [Jennifer] I was like oh my goodness... She really does have my face."

Ambra was also introduced to Jennifer's mother, who exclaimed: "You look so much like my daughter, your smiles are the same. How is this possible?"

The duo then had matching makeup and hair done, as well as the same clothing selected for a photoshoot. The results of which are pretty incredible.

Ambra [left] and Jennifer [right]


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