Vladimir Putin Has A Canine Doppelgänger

President Putin is on the right
President Putin is on the right

With an eerily similar similar stoic expression, a tight-lipped steeliness, and perfectly matching eye to nose ratio, it's hard not to draw comparison between a rather stern-looking dog and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The internet has flown into a frenzy over the doggy doppelgänger, first reported on, with many agreeing that the Staffordshire terrier and German shepherd mix from central Kiev is a dead ringer for the former KGB agent.

Comedian Graham Norton asked wryly on Twitter: "Geeeeeenius! I wonder if it bites the gays?"

Another Twitter user wrote simply, "Vladimir Poochin."

The Russian President has previously been compared to the Harry Potter elf Dobby.

Reports emerged in 2003 that Russian lawyers had planned a law suit against Harry Potter producers Warner Bros over apparent similarities between Putin, and CGI Chamber of Secrets star Dobby the elf.