Vladimir Putin

Former President George W. Bush dropped a clanger for the ages when he accidentally criticized the man who launched the “brutal invasion of Iraq” … himself.
It seemed to be the strongest show of confidence in the Ukrainian resistance since Russia's invasion began.
The Ministry of Defence said the Russian offensive had "lost momentum" as morale plummets.
Russia is also in the grips of the “worst recession since the end of the Cold War”, British officials said today.
Tensions are rising now both Sweden and Finland are considering joining Nato.
Boris Johnson said the UK would provide "whatever Sweden requested" in the event of Moscow aggression.
The Russian president seems determined to plough on with the barbaric invasion despite his severely depleted forces.
The defence secretary said Vladimir Putin must not be allowed to retain any territory in the war-torn country.
Dominic Raab claimed the dramatic move from Moscow would only isolate Russia further.