03/09/2015 03:32 BST | Updated 03/09/2015 03:59 BST

Another Manchester Sinkhole Opens Up Just Weeks After Huge Crater Appeared On Mancunian Way

Alex Hibbert/ Twitter

A second sinkhole has appeared in Manchester, just weeks after a giant crater opened up on Mancunian Way.

The new hole on Paddock Street is thought to be about 10ft deep and 5ft wide, and is reportedly just metres away from the previous sinkhole that appeared on 14 August.

A spokesperson from United Utilities said: "Our engineers are working to make the hole safe, given that we already have the expertise and equipment in the immediate area.

"Together with Manchester City Council, we are investigating the cause, but there is nothing to suggest that the hole is related to the one on the Mancunian Way."

The Mancunian Way sinkhole stoked the creative curiosity of hundreds of Twitter users, with many coming up with imaginative suggestions for what could be residing inside the mysterious chasm.

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