Understand The Gigantic Scale Of Apple's New Headquarters With This Drone Video

As Apple's staggering new campus has taken shape from building site to half-built UFO it has been difficult to comprehend the sheer scale of the billion dollar project.

It's massive, in fact it's so massive you could fit the entire US Pentagon Building inside it, and have room to spare.

Pictures can only do so much, so thankfully Duncan Sinfield has taken this extraordinary drone video which finally helps us understand just how enormous Apple's new home is finally going to be.

Nearly a mile in circumference, the giant 'spaceship' will become the home for all of Apple's employees complete with two-storey underground car park, self-sufficient solar-panelled roof and nearly four miles of perfectly polished glass.

This titanic building was Steve Jobs' dream, combining pure minimalism with the absolute highest-quality materials, and as such it's costing Apple quite a bit of money. Current estimates put it at around $5bn to be precise.

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