Kid's Bedtime Chart Shared By School Shows Recommended Times Children Should Go To Sleep

If you're at a loss at what time you should be sending your child to bed each night, this chart could be your answer.

A primary school in Wisconsin, America, decided to help parents make the decision by providing them with a bedtime chart for kids.

Parents look at their kid's age and wake-up times to work out what the "recommended" bedtime is.

However the chart, which was shared more than 373,000 times on their Facebook page, received thousands of comments from parents who weren't best pleased.

It recommends children aged five to have 12 hours' sleep, but children aged 12 to have between nine and 10 hours' sleep.

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Posted by Wilson Elementary on Friday, 28 August 2015

One mum wrote: "This chart is stupid and ridiculous parents should know how much sleep there child need I think 8-10 hours depending on the day is perfect amount of sleep for kids under 12."

Another mum criticised the chart because of the early bedtimes, adding: "If your child is going to bed so early how can you spend time with them? Most people work a nine to five."

However a few parents praised the guide, calling it "awesome", adding they were going to show it to their kids if they complained.

No expert advice was referred to in the making of the chart, but what are your thoughts?

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