Taiwan Fashion Trend Where Men And Women Wear Plastic Bags Is Sadly Catching On

Taiwan Plastic Bag Trend Is Sadly Catching On

We're all ears to upcoming trends, but we're just not convinced with the latest fashion craze sweeping Taiwan.

Both men and women are posting selfies wearing nothing but plastic shopping bags - the majority being from supermarket 7-Eleven.

We're not sure if it's a hoax, but the bizarre trend shows people having cut the bottom of a bag and putting it over their head to resemble a white vest.

While it might be a cheap option, it's a very very weird one, too.

Since the fashion statement has been plastered over social media, women and men outside Asia seem to be catching on.

A fashion and print designer posted a selfie with herself wearing a TK Maxx bag. She wrote: "So apparently this is trending in Asia right now. Wear your shopping bag as a t-shirt.

"As a fashion enthusiast I obviously had to give this a go."

A photo posted by @vitekamosov on

We'd be all for it if the trend was actually a symbol of sustainable fashion, making a statement about recycling clothes and not splashing out on the latest fads.

But, if we're honest, we highly doubt that was the reason. So erm, we think we'll give this one a miss.

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