Sustainable Fashion

Nearly 65 percent of the clothing we buy ends up in landfills.
Talking to your child about who made your clothes is as important as questioning what they are made from
"My motivation is straightforward. I think about what the planet will look like in 20 years."
It may be a relatively new import from the US, but Black Friday has dominated Christmas shopping calendars for the last few years. If you’re sick of the hype and want to rebel, here are some ways in which you can fight back against the rising tide of consumerism.
Anti-fur activists called it a "pivotal moment".
About Sustainable Fashion
At HuffPost UK Style we passionately believe that yes, sustainable fashion is about the environment but it's also about people. Our thirst for fast fashion is dramatically impacting the lives of thousands of workers in a negative way. Our focus on sustainable fashion and beauty aims to raise awareness about this zeitgeist issue and shine a spotlight on those working to make the fashion industry a more ethical place.