Stella Creasy Reads Out Abusive Emails She Receives In Labour Deputy Leadership Video Pledging End Of Spam

"You Look Like An Alien Egg." Labour's Stella Creasy Reads Out Potty-Mouthed Emails She Receives

Online abuse has become part and parcel of the politician's daily routine. But Labour deputy leadership candidate Stella Creasy has confronted the trolls in a new campaign video promising to end unwanted emails from the Labour Party.

Adopting the style of the BBC's Points of View, the Walthamstow MP reads out a selection of "colourful", potty-mouthed emails that might even make a soldier blush.

Less than complimentary comments essay her social class, appearance and permissiveness, opinions which seem to be based on little more than the author's active imagination.

Emails included: "Fuck off, you look like an alien egg" and "If she didn't look like she'd had more cocks than hot dinners, I'd vote for her."

Sexist? Offensive? Tedious? Probably all three. But the MP responds to the online missives with faux enthusiasm that even a Blue Peter presenter would struggle to muster.

Stella Creasy: "I get it. Nobody wants volumes of unwanted spam."

She also gently mocks the lack of self-awareness that politicians are at risk of falling victim to, and makes a serious pledge if elected: an end to the remorseless email spam from the Labour Party that has angered members.

Ms Creasy told The Huffington Post UK: "Many people have complained to me about the emails they have received during the leadership contest so I thought I would share some of the items from my inbox. Please be aware some of the language is uncomradely!

"I get it. Nobody wants volumes of unwanted spam. We’ve got to improve the way in which the Labour Party communicates and the way in which we use new technologies. As Deputy Leader addressing this will be a priority for me."


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