stella creasy

Home secretary Priti Patel has rejected attempts to make misogyny a specific hate crime, arguing that it would only deliver “tokenistic” change.
The Labour MP was told off for taking her three-month-old breastfeeding child into the Commons.
Labour MP Stella Creasy urges women "abused or attacked online or offline" to “come forward and be heard”.
Commons leader faces backlash from parents and those vulnerable to Covid-19
Exclusive: party set to act after campaigners and medical professionals demanded abolition of Victorian-era laws.
Labour candidate says the Christian Peoples Party has a "track record of promoting hate".
Stella Creasy says women's rights in Northern Ireland on table in government bid to get deal through Commons.
The successful candidate will cover the Walthamstow MP's constituency work – but will not vote on her behalf in the Commons.
The Labour MP, who is pregnant, has become the target of radical campaigners who posted a graphic billboard in her constituency.