stella creasy

"Voters need to know which party they can trust to deliver, and fast. The election battle for childcare is firmly on.”
Critics described the government’s approach to immigration as “baffling” and blamed the shortages on Brexit.
The move means local councils will be able to fund childcare alongside other vital services like schools, GPs and public transport.
MPs vote in favour or proposals that would make it an offence to target women who are seeking a termination or providing the medical service.
The minister was drowned out by laughter and heckling from opposition MPs.
Home secretary Priti Patel has rejected attempts to make misogyny a specific hate crime, arguing that it would only deliver “tokenistic” change.
The Labour MP was told off for taking her three-month-old breastfeeding child into the Commons.
Labour MP Stella Creasy urges women "abused or attacked online or offline" to “come forward and be heard”.
Commons leader faces backlash from parents and those vulnerable to Covid-19
Exclusive: party set to act after campaigners and medical professionals demanded abolition of Victorian-era laws.