stella creasy

'Thank God we didn't waste it on repairing the NHS or social care.'
It comes amid fresh speculation remainers are preparing to form a breakaway party.
Government is "hiding behind devolution" to keep DUP on-side, Stella Creasy told the Commons.
Writing for HuffPost UK, Labour MP warns of the damage "a government so desperate to cling to power can do".
DUP-proofing the domestic abuse bill not only lets down women forced to travel to access abortion, but also victims of violence across the country who need UK-wide legislation to protect them
Move follows vote by Cabinet Minister Penny Mordaunt to end criminalisation of women.
"We need action to show those voices are being heard."
Labour MP Stella Creasy led campaign warning hatred against women was being 'masked'.
Pressure now on Theresa May to include hatred of women in law review.