'X Factor' 2015: Simon Cowell Throws Mason Noise Off Show After Explosive Row At Six Chair Challenge Recording (VIDEO)

Simon Throws Contestant Off 'X Factor' For Explosive Outburst

Simon Cowell booted an ‘X Factor’ contestant off the show, following an explosive row that erupted between them while filming this year's Six Chair Challenge.


Mason Noise found himself on the scrap heap after storming onto the stage, complaining about the lack of airtime his audition received on the first episode last Saturday (29 August).

Mason Noise has been booted off 'The X Factor'

The singer impressed the judges with his rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Señorita’ when he tried out the first time around, even getting Rita Ora on her feet to dance with him.

But when he met the panel again at Wembley Arena earlier this week, according to the Daily Star, he was heard ranting to them about how the show is fixed.

"Why is it I only got a 47-second part on the show when others got 10-minute time slots?" he asked.

Asking the crowd to get their phones out and film the showdown, Simon hit back: “You're about five seconds from being thrown off. If you have a problem, just go.

“Don't tell me how long you should have on this show,” he added.

Watch some fan-recorded footage of the incident below...

As Mason continued to rant, Simon’s anger boiled over, and The Sun reports he then chucked him off the show.

“What gives you the right to come on stage and insult my show and staff? If you don’t like it. Leave!” he raged.

According to the Daily Star’s version of events, Mason then threw his microphone at the floor and flipped his middle finger at Simon.

Simon Cowell lost his rag with Mason

A source added to The Sun: “It is not often Cowell loses his rag but Mason was asking for it. He thought he was above everyone else and even compared himself to Kanye West.”

After Mason’s first audition aired, it was uncovered that he’d previously launched an attack on ‘The X Factor’ and judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on social media.

He tweeted last year: “How is Cheryl in the music business let alone a judge… #XFactorFrightNight.”

He added: “Some of the judges on X Factor . . . are like Stevie Wonder judging a painting contest.

“Bring back good music. Not laughing at people, pointless entertainment #xfactor.”

Relive Mason's first audition in the video below...


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