05/09/2015 07:28 BST | Updated 05/09/2015 08:59 BST

Dashcam Footage Of Shocking Moment Driving Instructor's Elbow Is Broken In Road Rage Attack

A driving instructor has been left with a broken elbow after he was attacked in a road rage incident.

Chris Barnett, from Essex, had taken 17-year-old Connor George out for his fourth lesson when the attack happened.

When the learner struggled to pull away after the traffic lights turned green at a busy junction, their car was overtaken by a white Range Rover that proceeded to slam its brakes on.

The unknown Range Rover driver got out of his vehicle and confronted Barnett, at which point Barnett can be heard telling the driver that he is being filmed on a dashboard camera.

Despite the warning, the driver continued to shout obscenities. During the heated confrontation, the driver slammed the door shut on Barnett's elbow, leaving it broken.

Barnett told the Daily Mail: "I’ve never had an incident this bad before. This guy was being really aggressive but his attitude changed a bit as soon as I let him know he was on camera. He threatened to break my fingers off."

Essex Police said that a 39-year-old man had voluntarily agreed to be interviewed in regard to the incident, but that no charges have been made. They are no longer investigating the case.