Tommy Robinson Shows How Far He Has Come With Tweets About 'Fake Muslim Refugees'

Tommy Robinson Thinks Europe Is Being Overrun With 'Fake' Muslim Refugees

Former EDL Leader Tommy Robinson has been showing just how far he's come since quitting the far-right group in a series of angry tweets about the refugee crisis.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, wrote on Saturday: "Over 800,000 (fake) Muslim refugees arrived in Germany in 2015,abt 100,000 in August alone. Germanistan not far off."

Nick Lowles, of the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, said it was good Robinson was "showing some compassion".

Robinson famously quit the English Defence League nearly two years ago, after renouncing the movement's extremism and vowing to counter extremism.

He said at the time: "I thought the EDL was part of the solution but now it is part of the problem," adding: "I don’t hate Muslims... I don’t want to lead a revolution against Muslims."

"I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas."

On Saturday the former leader also questioned why no other Islamic states have taken in any people fleeing Syria.

Robinson's comments come as people around Britain, moved by the picture of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian who drowned off a Turkish beach, have raised thousands of pounds for people in camps around Europe.

Tommy Robinson left the EDL in 2013

On Saturday people across the UK arranged to take vital supplies of food, clothing and shelter to thousands of people affected by conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

Small independent groups have also taken it on themselves to gather supplies to take across to France.

One group who set out to raise just enough money to deliver small donations of food and clothes to those living in migrant camps at Calais have already raised well over £110k.


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