#DontBombSyria Campaign Begins As The Sun Brands Labour Candidates 'Cowards' Over Airstrikes

The Labour leadership candidates have been branded 'cowards' in The Sun newspaper after refusing to explicitly support airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State group in Syria.

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn, the leadership race's front runner, told The Sun: "He’s on record on saying it will not help."

It comes after a distinct change in media coverage of the migration crisis coincided with the publication of heartbreaking images of a dead Syrian boy lying on a Turkish beach.

Aylan Kurdi was photographed after the boat his family had been travelling in suddenly overturned.

His image sparked an outpouring of support for refugees across Europe and the world.

But the decision by some British tabloids to demand humanitarian solutions to the crisis unfolding over the summer prompted criticism from those who thought it to be hypocritical.

Over the weekend, The Sun on Sunday published the findings of an opinion poll showing 52% support for bombing in Syria, opposite a picture of Aylan.

And on Monday#DontBombSyria began trending on social media as hundreds of people lend their support to a campaign against bombing the country in response to the pressures of the migration crisis.

David Cameron is to set out details of the Government's plans to re-settle thousands of refugees fleeing Syria today.

Officials have been working on the scheme throughout the weekend after the Prime Minister dramatically dropped his opposition to taking more people seeking sanctuary from the conflict.

He had previously argued taking in refugees would simply encourage more people to risk the hazardous sea crossing to Europe which has already claimed thousands of lives