How To Stop Your Hands From Shaking: Technique For Managing Nerves And Adrenaline Explained

When we're feeling nervous but trying to act cool, nothing gives us away quite as much as our shaking hands.

In the above video, Trace Dominguez from DNews explains why our hands shake and how we can keep those pesky quivers under control.

Why do hands shake?

According to Dominguez, the body produces the hormone adrenaline in response to a stressor.

Stressors can be anything from a sudden scare or public speaking, to talking to a person you really really fancy.

Adrenaline kicks your body into high gear, increasing blood circulation and metabolism rates in order to get the muscles ready for action.

"This excess activity can have some strange side effects on your body, especially if you don’t end up running for your life or fighting a rival for your next meal," Dominguez says.

One of these side effects is shaking hands.

How to stop hands shaking

Dominguez says the police and members of the military are trained in ways to manage the body’s production of adrenaline.

They force their bodies into a perceived state of calm by engaging in "tactical breathing", which is also known as "combat breathing".

"This involves breathing in for four counts, holding for four, then breathing out for four," he explains.

"With training, professionals can use this technique to force their bodies to stay calm and only use the adrenaline when needed."

Practice this technique and you'll never look nervous in a meeting again.

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