Kim Davis' Husband Wears His Good Overalls To Her Jail Release

Does man’s law trump God’s law, or does the divine reign over the secular?

That's the debate that's raged since the arrest of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, jailed last week for adhering to "God’s authority" over the Supreme Court by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Yet at her release on Tuesday, a new power revealed itself, one that exercises dominion over both man and God -- the large denim overall.

The garb, consigned to history by the rest of the world in 1978, was spotted several times during Davis’ meander to freedom, most notably strewn from her husband, Joe, who topped the ensemble with a dog-eared straw hat.

Off-the-peg or haute couture, Joe?

A startlingly bold wardrobe choice

The ensemble from the rear

Likewise protester Coleman Colston of Henry County, Kentucky, who looked resplendent in tailoring that matched the bib-and-brace with a sleeveless checked shirt, hat and six-inch beard.

Coleman Colston... en vogue

Social media offered its voice on Joe's daring wardrobe selection:

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