'Loose Women': What Are Are Former Panellists Denise Welch, Carol Vorderman And Jane McDonald Up To Now? (PICS)

Denise Welch has finally given us the news that we’ve all been waiting for - she and her former ‘Loose Women’ co-presenters, including Carol McGiffin, Jane McDonald and Carol Vorderman are planning to re-unite and launch a whole new show.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Denise revealed she and her fellow ex-panellists were “in discussions” to find the right format for their new show, explaining: “We don’t want it just to be a carbon copy of ‘Loose Women’, we want to come up with a new format that will suit all our strengths.

“We’re in format discussions at the moment.”

The glory days of 'Loose Women'

With talks now going on about the new show, our minds have turned to life after ‘Loose Women’, and what many of the show’s most beloved and memorable panellists have been up to since bowing out of the series.

Of course, over the years, several ‘Loose Women’ have left the show, only to return a few years later, including many current presenters, like Coleen Nolan and Gloria Hunniford, as well as Kaye Adams and Jane Moore, both of whom appeared on the very first episode of ‘Loose Women’, in 1999.

Three former 'Loose Women'

But what about the others, who’ve gone on to carve successful careers for themselves elsewhere?

From Kate Thornton and Lisa Maxwell to Myleene Klass and Sally Lindsay, here’s what your favourite former ‘Loose Women’ are up to these days...

Jane McDonald

'Loose Women': Where Are They Now?