08/09/2015 13:18 BST | Updated 08/09/2015 13:59 BST

Watch This Guy Solve The Rubik's Cube While Free-Falling During A Skydive

Most of us would find a Rubik's Cube frustrating at the best times - comfortably seated in a chair, feet on the ground with no distractions.

However, for one man all of the above conditions proved to be too boring and so he decided to change the game a little.

He solved the Cube while skydiving.

The minute-long video shows the genius skydiver in free-fall as he tries to solve the Cube.

Much to the annoyance of those of us who have yet to conquer the multicoloured puzzle, this guy finishes triumphantly.

We hope this inspires the rest of us to have another shot at the Cube, even we have to be seated for the challenge.