One Year After Emma Watson's HeForShe Speech, This Is How We've Moved Towards Gender Equality

Almost a whole year has passed since Emma Watson launched the UN's HeForShe campaign with her groundbreaking speech on gender equality - and what a year it's been.

In her role as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, the actress called on boys and men to help stamp out everyday sexism, so that the world might become a better place to live for all genders.

Since then, it seems mankind has woken up to the fact that you don't need to be a woman to be a kick-ass feminist.

In a recent TED talk, head of HeForShe Elizabeth Nyamayaro spoke about the key achievements of the movement since September 2014, including the fact that 100,000 men had signed to show their support for HeForShe within three days of Watson's speech.

Emma Watson at the HeForShe launch in September 2014

"Within that first week, at least one man in every single country in the world stood up to be counted, and within that same week, HeForShe created more than 1.2 billion conversations on social media. And that's when the emails started pouring in, sometimes as many as a thousand a day," Nyamayaro said.

She went on to tell the audience of individual stories the campaign managers heard about from around the world.

One man from Zimbabwe created a "husband school" in his village after hearing about HeForShe. He spoke to all of the men that were abusive or unreliable to their partners, and committed to turn them into better husbands and fathers.

"Personal impact stories such as these show that we are tapping into something within men," Nyamayaro said.

She went on to talk about how governements around the world were starting to implement new policy in a move towards gender equality.

"The government of Sweden, under its current feminist government, has committed to close both the employment and the pay gap for all of its citizens within the current electoral term," she said.

"We are seeing men sign up from every single walk of life, and from every single corner in the world, from the United Nations' own Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the Secretary-Generals of NATO and the EU Council, from the prime minister of Bhutan to the president of Sierra Leone."

Nyamayaro ended the talk by saying that although she is proud of their achievements to date, this is just the beginning for HeForShe.

They will continue to "uplift" men and women together and make the world a better place for everyone.

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