Police Use Taser, Batons And Pepper Spray To Detain Man High On Drugs And 'Oblivious To Pain' In McDonald's

Man High On PCP In McDonald's 'Oblivious To Pain' As Police Taser Him

A video has emerged showing the tragic consequences of taking PCP, as a man seemingly "oblivious to pain" is repeatedly tasered, hit with batons and pepper sprayed by police in a McDonald's.

The man, named by local media as Marcus Moycherielli, is seen wandering around the Maryland restaurant in just socks and shorts, before a police officer asks him to "get down".

According to the The Washington Post, police were called on Friday after the 40-year-old took off his shirt and was seen talking to himself, throwing chairs, screaming obscenities and trying to pull up tables that were bolted to the ground.

Moycherielli, from Northwest Washington, doesn't seem to comprehend the situation, or want to follow the officer's instructions, and is tasered. When that proves ineffective in immobilising him, the officer strikes Moycherielli with an extendable baton, which also has no affect.

Officers struggle to detain Marcus Moycherielli who they say was 'oblivious to pain' as he was high on PCP

Another officer then joins the fray tackling Moycherielli to the ground. The altercation, which was captured on mobile phone, lasts over five minutes and involves three officers.

Moycherielli was charged with two counts of assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Police Chief David Morris has said Mr Moycherielli’s behaviour was “consistent with an individual who was under the influence of PCP”, The Independent reported.

“The Taser was ineffective because the individual was high on PCP and oblivious to pain”.

He said normally a person would “drop to their knees” after being tasered.

PCP, which is medically known as Phencyclidine, but also commonly referred to as Angel Dust, was developed in the 1950s as an intravenous anesthetic. Its medical use on humans was discontinued in the 1960s due to its side effects which included the user suffering hallucinations, delirium, and mania.

Video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube last week and has been viewed over a million times.


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