Save The Children's Poignant Video Redoes Rounds On Social Media Bringing Perspective To Parents

With the conflict in Syria now well into its third year, millions of children are being placed at risk.

As families are abandoning life as they know it, children are forced on a perilous journey - completely unaware of what lies ahead.

This video, produced by Save The Children last year to raise money for the Syria appeal, has given thousands of people a new perspective on how they are viewing the children in this crisis.

The "second a day" video follow one young girl as her life gets turned upside down, showing the brutal reality of what war does to children.

It follows the young girl on her birthday, at school and playing in the park just like any other child. Just like any of your children.

But the girl's life is completely transformed as she is subject to trauma, abuse and exploitation as she her life is suddenly tied to the civil war.

And it makes you think - a child just like any other was subject to this vulnerability on a daily basis.

The video has been given a new light on social media after the most recent migrant crisis, having had more than one million shares on Facebook.

It really puts things into perspective.

Save The Children is appealing for support to #SaveSyriasChildren to give light to the fact these children could have been yours.

Parents are encouraged to upload black and white photograph of their child/children holding up a piece of paper with the words: "It could have been me" or "It could have been us" with the hashtag #SaveSyriasChildren.

HuffPost UK Parents blogger, Amy Treasure, wrote: "If you don't have children and you want to say 'It could have been my niece/nephew, my neighbour' whomever you want to say, it's up to you.

"What if this were you or I? It could so easily be happening to all of us too. These people are real: Someone's mother, father, sister, brother...

"Someone's child. It could have been any one of us."

For more information, visit Save The Children's website.