09/09/2015 09:33 BST | Updated 09/09/2015 09:59 BST

Watch Harriet Harman Zing 'Posh' Jeremy Corbyn In Farewell Message

Harriet Harman will soon step down as interim-leader of the Labour Party, with Jeremy Corbyn expected to be elected Ed Miliband's successor on Saturday.

Over the course of the contest, many have suggested Harman should have stood to take on the job full time. However she told the BBC Daily Politics programme that she was "relieved" to be stepping back from the frontline.

And the 65-year-old added a self-depreciating zinger that was also aimed at Corbyn. She said: "After 28 years on the front-bench, I feel that its now time for others to take it forward. It was quite surprising to discover I'm not possibly old enough or posh enough to be the frontrunner of this leadership election."

Conservative critics of Harman have often poked fun at Harman's upper-middle class upbringing and family connections - her uncle was a member of the House of Lords.

During the election campaign, George Osborne used a joint appearance on the BBC to note that Harman went to the same school as he did. "The posh boy attack always sounds a bit thin when coming from her," he said.

Corbyn, whose leftwing agenda has sent many MPs into a panic about the party's electability should he win the leadership, is 66.

And the Daily Mail recently took great joy in pointing out that despite his politics, Corbyn had a privileged childhood. "Posh past of the Sexpot Trot: How Corbyn was brought up in a seven-bedroom home, went to prep school and even played polo," one headline read.

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