11/09/2015 05:57 BST | Updated 18/08/2017 12:32 BST

Grooming For Men Myths Busted - When To Shave And How Much Gel To Use

The art of looking good is one fraught with personal preferences, complicated tricks and products that claim the earth. To beard or not to beard? Should blokes wear concealer? It's a proverbial minefield out there.

Luckily, male grooming brand ManCave have busted some all-too-common myths to help you own the bathroom.

Myth #1 - The more shaving gel, the better the shave

False. When it comes to shaving gel, less is more. Smothering your chin in gel could leave you with dry skin and an empty shaving cream bottle sooner than you'd expected.

The key is finding a cream that will provide even coverage and allow the blade to glide smoothly across the face with a small amount of product.

Myth #2 - Moisturisers will make oily skin oilier

Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, using moisturiser on oily skin will not increase oiliness.

Moisturisers are designed to lock in the skin's naturally occurring moisture, as well as protect the skin from the daily elements.

Myth #3 - Men's and women's products are the same

False. Men’s skin is up to 20% thicker than women's. It's much oilier and ages differently too, so it needs different vitamins and minerals, which means different products.

Myth #4 - Shaving after a shower is better

Curveball. This one is actually true. Shower steam opens up the pores for a closer, cleaner shave and to minimise skin irritation.


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