Parents Mocking Daughter's Relationship Selfies Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

A mum and dad have embarrassed their daughter in the best way by recreating the couple selfies she does with her boyfriend. Literally.

After seeing the collage of photos on her daughter's Facebook, Nancy Musson decided to use the same filters and poses with her husband, because why on earth not?

Mrs Musson, from New York City, posted it to her daughter Emily's Facebook page. These were the results.

Her daughter's reaction? Reposting the pics on Twitter and writing: "My parents are actually on drugs or something".

Soon after she tweeted, the photos gained a lot of attention on Twitter, having now racked up 46,500 retweets and 62,300 favourites.

But Emily Musson didn't really know what all the fuss was about.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she said: "When it went viral I was confused like yeah it's funny but like it's more interesting if you actually know my parents.

"My mum thinks it's hilarious and claims she wants to be on Dancing with the Stars."

While the teenager was picked up by media outlets to be interviewed, mum Nancy was left out.

But in true mum style, Mrs Musson was over the moon she was "trending".

She later added some wise words for other mums out there who might embarrass their children: who cares.

We think she's pretty awesome.

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