GoPro Selfie-Stick Wielding Driver Demonstrates Idiocy After Crashing His Jeep

World's Biggest Idiot Prize Goes To This Selfie-Stick Wielding Driver

Selfie-sticks at the best of times, are a bad idea.

But for whatever reason, humans enjoy using them at every waking hour to capture memory-making moments.

On Tuesday, YouTuber Alex Lopatnyuk posted a video of him driving a jeep -- one hand on the wheel and the other holding the stick.

He says he was "gator hunting."

But the film ended with one unsurprising fail as he drove straight into the vehicle in of front him that was also carrying a canoe.

His video has received over 600,000 views and his audience had some interesting things to say.

One commenter however, hit that nail on the head, writing why the stunt showed three levels of stupid.

"1. just stupid: using a selfie stick while driving

2. real friggin' stupid: causing a crash because you were using a selfie stick while driving

3. galactically stupid: posting the vid of it on YouTube."

We couldn't agree more.


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