Porsche 918 Spyder Driver Crashes £1 Million Car After Getting Too Cocky In St. Tropez

If you're sitting in the driver's seat of a Porsche 918 Spyder, you are allowed to get a little excited. It's a beast of a car.

However, one sunglass-donning man in St. Tropez, France gave everyone a lesson in how to ruin a perfectly lovely ride.

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Cleary thrilled to be behind the wheel of £1million car, he gave the equally enthusiastic bystanders a rad sign and stepped on the accelerator.

What happened next was not so rad.

Obviously, his excitement got the better of him and he promptly drove straight into the curb of the car park -- quite an achievement given how empty it was.

Aside from a severely dented ego both the driver and the blonde seated next to him, were unharmed, .

Sadly, the same was not true of the Porsche as it had to be hand-pushed into a corner in front of several grinning holidaymakers.

YouTuber, Kristina Champin captured the moment on camera and her video has had over 100,000 views in two days.

The words pride and fall come to mind.