Student Who Asked Birmingham Bar Bambu For A Job Told: 'We Need Less Afro-Caribbean Staff'

This Is What One Student Was Told After Enquiring For A Bar Job..

A student was left in shock after she asked a bar if they had any job vacancies and was told "yes but we need less Afro Caribbean staff".

Leeta Lee, who is due to start University College Birmingham this September, contacted Bambu nightclub in Birmingham's Chinese Quarter via Facebook. The 24-year-old told the Metro: "I could not believe my eyes. It was blatant racism and clearly discriminatory.

"I didn't sleep that night because I was just in complete shock."

The response from the Birmingham nightclub

The club has since blamed the response on a former worker who still had access to the account.

The club released a statement which read: "First and foremost we’d like to apologise to Leeta Lee for the very inappropriate reply she received to a vacancy request.

"We have stringent procedures in place with regards to our social media accounts and passwords associated to these.

"Unfortunately we were not able to apply these before a former employee managed to access our account."

The nightclub on Wrottesley St

It continued: "We at Bambu are sincerely apologetic and extremely disappointed by today’s incident."

Speaking to student site The Tab, Leeta added: "I came to study in Birmingham because it was known for being a multicultural city proud of its diversity.

"This just gives it a bad name. It left me feeling pretty upset."


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