14/09/2015 08:46 BST | Updated 14/09/2015 08:59 BST

GroPro Video Captures Adam Lenon's Incredible Football Trick Shots

Adam Lenon is not a professional football player, what he is though is a guy with a LOT of dedication and an eye that could let him hit a coke can with a raisin from over a mile away.

When he's not hitting coke cans with dried fruit, he's actually kicking footballs in some of the most insane trick shots we've ever seen.

Lenon usually does all his trick shots wearing just socks.

All caught using GoPro's HERO4, the shots are pretty much some of the best we've seen. Not just because of the flair but also because of the straight up accuracy.

To be able to aim a ball perfectly is something that even professionals have to train for and both NFL and Rugby players can devote huge amounts of time to honing their precision kicking skills.

Lenon has got it down though, as this incredible piece of footage will confirm. With nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.


Adam 'Chainsaw' Lenon has become something of a social sensation thanks to a plethora of trick shot Vines, Instagram posts and Facebook videos which he regularly posts using the classic fisheye lens of an action-camera.

Trick shots have become something of a phenomenon since the creation of smartphone cameras and action cameras like the GoPro. Their ease of use and convenience allow shots to be captured at a moment's notice and then uploaded onto social media or YouTube in minutes.